Easy to operate, 40-225 welder with selector switch. Features a smooth arc, and is easy to install. Able to weld a variety of materials, from carbon, low alloy, and stainless steel to cast iron.
Price is Firm at 500. Everything pictured is included. - Lincoln Electric MIG Welder in great condition- Miller Digital Elite Welding Hood - Welding Gloves 3 pairs- Black Stallion Hybrid Welding Jacket- TIG Torch- TIG cups- Super ARC L56 .025 MIG WireThis is strictly a MIG welder. The TIG torch and cups are extras that I threw in. I will sell the TIG torch and cups separately for 75 dollars.
Have a good operating Forney C-3 welder. This is AC only machine.Came out of a old car shop and the original owner is retired.This is not your Lincoln red welder.This has a much better erage selector with the plugs . Finer Control - no switch to wear out.Really heavy. Made with copper back when quality counted.I have leads and a hood to go with it. Just plug it in and be welding.